Parallel import

For the first time in Russia we achieved a satisfaction of a trademark owner’s suit against an unauthorized dealer (parallel importer) for interdiction to import original goods without trademark’s owner consent despite of existing negative court practice in Moscow.
Battles with the courts are our element

Arkona initially founded to protect interests of the clients in courts is the team of top-ranked lawyers with significant experience in the sphere of litigation.
We always come up with the solution

We can both find the way out of trouble and turn it into reality. Our creed is adherence to the highest quality of rendering of legal services.
Business support

Right decisions in the crunch help to retain assets and to revive business.
For private clients

We have significant experience in sphere of litigation for the benefit of prosperous clients in disputes with sellers of premium goods and services.


26.02.2018 Judicial error concerning protection of non-protectable element of trademark was corrected. read more

01.03.2018 More than a year Arkona has been a managing company of big building company which is one of key player in the sphere of industrial high rise construction. read more

26.02.2018 Unfair contractor claimed payment on construction contract for work executed de jure but not executed de facto. Its claim was based on work acceptance certificate signed by both parties. read more

10.03.2015 On 19-20 March there will be the XV anniversary forum on intellectual property in Moscow read more

19.01.2015 For the first time in Russia a trademark’s owner claim was declined because of customs procedures had not been properly fulfilled so import of goods was not acknowledged as accomplished read more


  • Carrying out procedures for the withdrawal of assets of construction company with a market value of about 1 billion rubles

    Shareholders decided to separate construction and development businesses, planning to create a new legal entity and transfer real estate objects to it. We offered a spin-off with the transfer of real estate objects to the new legal entity. Thus we managed to avoid any additional tax payments. During the implementation of the project, we organized shareholders' meetings, prepared documents, conducted all actions necessary for reorganization and registration of ownership of the property objects of the new legal entity.

  • Revindication in favor of the investor a warehouse complex worth more than 200 million rubles from the developer (case № А56-62962/2015)

    The developer has not fulfilled the obligation to transfer the warehouse complex to the investor after commissioning, illegally keeping it in his ownership. In parallel with the conduct of the proceedings, we instituted criminal case on the fact of fraud and the arrest all property objects.
    During the litigation we came to a settlement on our client’s terms then we re-registered the ownership of all real estate properties, carried out measures for the actual transfer of the complex to employees of the company-investor.

  • Legal support of a sale transaction of a warehouse complex worth 450 million rubles
    Formalization of pre-contractual procedures for the provision of information about objects sold. Negotiation, drafting and approval of the contract. Formation and coordination of the schedule of actions related to the implementation of the contract: renewal of contracts with tenants, resource supply organizations and other counterparties. Performing procedures for the conclusion of the contract, registering it with the federal service of state registration cadastre and cartography, transferring objects to the buyer.


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