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March 2018

01.03.2018 More than a year Arkona has been a managing company of big building company which is one of key player in the sphere of industrial high rise construction. read more

February 2018

26.02.2018 Unfair contractor claimed payment on construction contract for work executed de jure but not executed de facto. Its claim was based on work acceptance certificate signed by both parties. read more

26.02.2018 Judicial error concerning protection of non-protectable element of trademark was corrected. read more

March 2015

10.03.2015 On 19-20 March there will be the XV anniversary forum on intellectual property in Moscow read more

January 2015

19.01.2015 For the first time in Russia a trademark’s owner claim was declined because of customs procedures had not been properly fulfilled so import of goods was not acknowledged as accomplished read more

December 2014

25.12.2014 Business newspaper of Primorskiy Krai “Konkurent” published an article trying to create new precedent in the sphere of parallel import read more

19.12.2014 Vladimir Dmitriev among the tree best lawyers of the autumn 2014 read more

September 2014

26.09.2014 On 24-25 September 2014 the III conference of Russian centers of support technologies and innovations took place in Saint-Petersburg read more

August 2014

23.08.2014 V. Dmitriev took part in business internship SABIT under the patronage of the U.S. Department of Commerce read more

April 2014

13.04.2014 As the result of our reclamation Vkontakte shut down groups (communities) infringing rights of trademarks’ owners read more

November 2013

24.11.2013 A legal entity finds out about parallel import. How to withdraw counterfeited goods from civil circulation and to get compensation read more

October 2013

01.10.2013 IV annual conference “Protection of intellectual property rights” took place read more

September 2013

12.09.2013 Liberalization of parallel import in Russia. Financial and economic consequences read more

August 2013

02.08.2013 District court dismissed claims against guarantor for 7 million rubles read more

July 2013

02.07.2013 A conference "Saint-Petersburg Joint Readings" took place in Russian National Library read more

June 2013

20.06.2013 V. Dmitriev will take part in Research and Practice Conference "Saint-Petersburg Joint Readings-2013" read more

March 2013

26.03.2013 Head of the practice of intellectual property took the floor at the XIII Practical Conference "Intellectual property" read more

22.03.2013 Vladimir Dmitriev published an article devoted to new legal views of the Supreme Arbitrage Court of the Russian Federation on trademark rights protection with participation of the Customs read more

15.03.2013 Head of the practice of intellectual property will take the floor at the XIII Practical Conference "Intellectual property" read more

February 2013

28.02.2013 What will be the result of next meeting with "Gorodisskiy & Partners"? read more

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