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Resolution of Disputes

Reclamation of the real estate complex consisting of two land plots and two buildings worth 210 million rubles from unconscientious buyer (case № А56-57783/2015)

The buyer made an advance payment in the amount of 16 million rubles, but later refused to pay in accordance with the payment schedule. The seller demanded to return real estate, but was refused. In court, we insisted on the return of the property sold and, after having received a positive decision, re-registered ownership of the seller. A separate claim from the buyer were delinquency charge in the amount of 44 million rubles (Дело № А56-72992/2015).

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Intellectual property

Full-scale providing of legal services regarding an imposition of ban on import to Russia of original goods without trademark owner consent on behalf of brewing company Heineken Ceska republika. Different arbitrage courts made rulings on ban of import of original goods and on recovering of compensations. These decisions exerted serious influence on formation of court practice in the sphere of parallel import in Russia.

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Real Estate and Construction

Revindication in favor of the investor a warehouse complex worth more than 200 million rubles from the developer (case № А56-62962/2015)

The developer has not fulfilled the obligation to transfer the warehouse complex to the investor after commissioning, illegally keeping it in his ownership. In parallel with the conduct of the proceedings, we instituted criminal case on the fact of fraud and the arrest all property objects.
During the litigation we came to a settlement on our client’s terms then we re-registered the ownership of all real estate properties, carried out measures for the actual transfer of the complex to employees of the company-investor.

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Business support

Carrying out procedures for the withdrawal of assets of construction company with a market value of about 1 billion rubles

Shareholders decided to separate construction and development businesses, planning to create a new legal entity and transfer real estate objects to it. We offered a spin-off with the transfer of real estate objects to the new legal entity. Thus we managed to avoid any additional tax payments. During the implementation of the project, we organized shareholders' meetings, prepared documents, conducted all actions necessary for reorganization and registration of ownership of the property objects of the new legal entity.

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Administrative practice

Representation of interests of a self-employed entrepreneur in Kuibishevskiy District Court of Saint-Petersburg in the case on administrative offence, provided by part 2 of the article 18.15 of the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation (employment of a foreign national without due permission for such employment). Proper legal stance allowed to reach a termination of the administrative proceeding).

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Private clients

Representing interests of group of individual persons on recovery from OJSC “Bank “Sovetskiy” of damage caused to tenants of safe deposit box by robbery of strong room. Court decisions are appealed by the Bank in all instances, for the end of 2012 more than 14 million rubles are awarded to be recovered from the Bank.

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