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Business support

Pugin Andrey
Pugin Andrey
Chief Executive Officer

Consulting in the sphere of doing business in the Russian Federation

Establishing, reorganization and liquidation of commercial and non-commercial organizations

Corporate management and restructuring of business

legal support of merger and acquisition

protection of shareholder rights: monitoring of abidance by corporate governance rules, approval of the large transactions, dividend payout, litigation on infringed rights of shareholders and members.

Legal support of activity of Russian and foreign legal entities.

Drafting, negotiation, legal examination of business contracts, revelation and analysis of commercial risks.

Handling dispute resolution and claims.

Examination and working up of labour contracts and agreements on breaking-up employment relations, including all related documentation. Support of labour disputes and consulting on adherence to labour discipline by employees.

Crisis management, support of bankruptcy

  • Carrying out procedures for the withdrawal of assets of construction company with a market value of about 1 billion rubles

    Shareholders decided to separate construction and development businesses, planning to create a new legal entity and transfer real estate objects to it. We offered a spin-off with the transfer of real estate objects to the new legal entity. Thus we managed to avoid any additional tax payments. During the implementation of the project, we organized shareholders' meetings, prepared documents, conducted all actions necessary for reorganization and registration of ownership of the property objects of the new legal entity.

  • Drafting and execution of constitutive corporate documents for significant number of limited liability companies and closed joint stock companies. Legal execution and registration of amendments in constitutive corporate documents. Execution of all required documents, organization of shareholders' meetings, members' meetings, record-keeping and execution of outcomes of the meeting.

  • Keeping of corporate documentation of OOO “Kirishi EKO”, settlement of conflict between members. Representing interests of the company in the Arbitrage Court of Saint-Petersburg on the disputes between company's members and the company.

  • Drafting and execution of constitutive corporate documents, holding constitutive meeting and state registration of Association of tourist companies “Nevskiy prospekt”

  • Legal support of contractual activities of construction company OOO “KTT StroyDom”. Drafting and examination of building contract, participation in negotiations with partners during the process of preparation of contracts. Drafting and legal examination of supply agreements, claims resolution.

  • Legal support of transaction on sale of business – chain of beauty salons. Lawyers of Arkona carried out due diligence of the chain's assets, carried out transactions structuring and executed all required documents.

  • Full-scale legal support of activity of some companies and entrepreneurs in the sphere of retail trade and services.

  • Appeal in Arbitrage Court of Saint-Petersburg of ruling of tax authority. Tax authority refused to register a legal entity. The reason was “absence of P 11001 form registration application containing trustworthy data about address of actual location. The case А56-47266/2006, tax authority’s ruling was revoked, judicial expenses were recovered.

  • Legal support of a variety of projects on attracting investments for constructing of parking, warehouse spaces, car services and car washes. Lawyers of Arkona participated in negotiations with investor (with record of disagreement), worked out and executed a lot of investments contracts. The major part of contract succeeded and was realized successfully.

  • Drafting and execution of constitutive corporate documents, holding constitutive meeting and state registration of the Association of telephone information and reference services (RATISS).

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