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Timokhin Mark
Timokhin Mark
Partner, Head of Private Clients Practice, Attorney at law

We offer to our clients such services as legal representation for benefit of prosperous clients in disputes with sellers of luxury goods. In the sphere of asset management in corporate and family relations our lawyers work in team with lawyers on corporate, tax and criminal law to provide full-service approach for our clients. This allows us to neutralize impacts of litigations on financial standing of client.

Our services:

  • recovery of debts, damage, compensations in different disputes
  • honour, dignity and business reputation protection
  • appeal of state authorities' actions
  • transaction support with execution of documents
  • housing, inheritance, family, labour litigations
  • taxation, including resolving tax disputes
  • assets and personal property management
  • Representing interests of group of individual persons on recovery from OJSC “Bank “Sovetskiy” of damage caused to tenants of safe deposit box by robbery of strong room. Court decisions are appealed by the Bank in all instances, for the end of 2012 more than 14 million rubles are awarded to be recovered from the Bank.

  • Representing interests of individual person on suit of OJSC “Sberbank” which contained claim to withdraw a credit in the amount of 15 million rubles issued for buying of land spot. As a result of participations of our lawyers sell price of pledged land was increased by 10 times.

  • Representing interests of individual person in litigation with car dealership. The client making advanced payment didn't pay his attention to the clause in the contract about commission fee of the dealership. Such clause was often applied by unfair car dealerships to rise the price of cars. Our client was asked to pay more 600 000 rubles in addition to already paid price of the car. Paid amount of money – 1,5 million rubbles, penalty – 794 155 rubles, compensation of moral harm – 50 000 rubles were recovered to the benefit of our client. Also a fine was collected in the amount of 50% of satisfied customer's claims. Decision came into legal force.

  • Representing interests of a heir in litigation on declaration of nullity of privatization and acknowledgment of property right to interest in apartment under procedure of inheritance. Estate-leaver being seriously ill, inherited his interest in the apartment to ___ and entrust accomplish execution of privatization. Notary refused to grant certificate of inheritance rights. Appealing of the notary's actions was complicated by the fact that he was located in the other city district, so suits were submitted successively to 2 courts. Finally the decision on recognition of property right was adopted.

  • Defense of customer's interests in court. Seller delayed delivery of ready-built kitchen to the customer. According to the court judgement cost of the kitchen in amount of 600 000 rubles, penalty in amount of 300 000 rubles and compensation of moral harm – 60 000 rubles were recovered from the defendant.

  • Defense of customer's interests in litigation with car dealership. New car Land Rover Discovery 4 broke down on highway after 4 months from the date of bying. Customer, head of holding company, was forced to suffer inconveniences connected with waiting for a wrecker, searching for another car, sending of personal driver with broken car to the nearest authorized service center. Expert report established that the car had had factory defects and engine change had been needed. A few months the car was in repair , car dealership refused to pay proper compensation for longstanding repair of the car. We made the decision to file a lawsuit on recovering of money for longstanding repair in cooperation with our partner on protection of consumers of luxury goods – Center of consumer right protection. According to the court judgement 440 000 rubles were recovered from the defendant, including compensation of moral harm and expenses.  Also a fine was collected in the amount of 50% of satisfied customer's claims.

  • Representing interests of group of pensioners of the Ministry of Defence on lawsuits on revaluation of pension of military men on the basis of ration cost. Claims were grounded on Federal laws №76-FS “On status of military men” and №4468-1 “On pension benefits of individuals carrying out military service”

  • Representing interests of owner of a house in a case on damages recovering caused by improperly fixed window. OOO “Nevskie okna” didn't answer for requests to eliminate defects, the customer had to address to another company. Court sustained plaintiff's claim on recovering damages and penalties for non-fulfillment of customer's claims.

  • Representing interests of individual person in litigation on customer rights protection. Plaintiff file a suit against JSC “Russkaya telefonnaya kompaniya” which contained claims to recover the price of purchased smart phone. Litigation was ended with the signing of amicable agreement, according to which plaintiff was paid full price of poor product.

  • Representing interests of participant of road traffic incident. The court ruled that the driver must pay out damages caused as a result of the incident. Our lawyers achieved vacating of court judgement rendered against defendant in his absence.

  • Representing interests of worker in employment dispute with an employer. Plaintiff was fired without observation of procedure, he didn't get salary for long period of time and compensation for unused leave. Declared claims included recovery of debt on salary, compensation for unused leave, default interest and reinstatement. Litigation was ended with signing  of amicable agreement, according to which the biggest part of claims was satisfied.

  • Representing interests of a plaintiff in Pushkinskiy district court on the lawsuit on compensation for injury, cfused as result of road traffic incident.  Litigation was ended with signing  of amicable agreement, according to which significant compensation was paid to the plaintiff.

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